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Bali Bali Bali!

Bali is one of our favourite places in the world to visit. The people, the atmosphere, food and a special mention for the massages.

This was taken in 2015 when we visited Bali with our family and a few friends. We have a special lady Purni who comes to babysit our littlest loves when we head out for a cocktail or 2.

We were only a family of 4 on this holiday with bub no. 3 happily baking away.

We always love to visit Waterbomb when we are in Bali, they kids love the kids area and you cant beat lying under a Kabana watching the kids play.

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Jul 11, 2021

Hi there my name is Riss,

a person tagged me in a post on Facebook and sent me the link to your page. They said to me that you had found a go pro on chilli beach road. I lost a go pro last week or maybe the week before.

could you please contact me if this is the case. If it is my one we would really like it back as it has a lot of sentiment on it. Thank you 😊

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